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3rd International Conference & Expo on Advanced Eye Care & Cataract 2019

6. Juni 2019 – 8. Juni 2019 ganztägig
Conference series LLC LTD

Advance Eye Care 2019 invites all the participants from all over the world to attend „3rd International Conference and Expo on Advanced Eye Care and Cataract “ during June 06-08, 2019 at London, UK, which includes prompt keynote presentations, oral seminars, poster presentations and exhibitions.

Our aim is to provide cataract surgeons, ophthalmologists, refractive surgeons, optometrists, opticians, young researchers, students, industrial delegates and anyone professionally involved in study of Advance eye care & Healthcare with an opportunity to learn about the complexity of the disease, discuss interventional procedures, look at new and advanced cataract removal practices and their efficiency and efficacy in the treatment of various refractive errors and cataract extraction, and understand local realities and practical constraints in improving vision-care.

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