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Care and protection for animal eyes

New: Vitamycin® eye ointment from CP-Pharma

The new Vitamycin® eye ointment has been developed especially for care and regeneration of sensitive or irritated animal eyes. Due to its well-tolerated formula and an eye-friendly texture, the ointment is able to protect the eye from harmful environmental influences and leads to a tear film stabilisation. The condition of irritated or inflamed eyes is frequently seen in veterinary practices. External stimuli like draughts, foreign bodies, strong sunlight as well as friction easily result in bothersome itchiness, a burning sensation or an ocular discharge. In many infectious diseases, the eye is also affected.
Proven protection and care:
Vitamycin® eye ointment contains the ingredients dexpanthenol and vitamin A (retinyl palmitate). In combination, both have proven their value against irritated cornea and cunjunctiva. Therefore, they are recommended to protect and care for the sensitive ocular surface.
Eye-friendly treatment:
The sterile ointment is preservative-free and is thus well tolerated. The optimised formula with a smooth consistency and a good surface distribution facilitates a frictionless gliding of the eyelids. Vitamycin® eye ointment is ideal for use in everyday practice and for application by animal keepers at home. Depending on requirements, the ointment can be used as a single treatment or in addition to therapeutic eye ointments.
Further information about Vitamycin® eye ointment can be obtained from CP-Pharma GmbH
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