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Impression cytology: a novel sampling technique for conjunctival cytology of the feline eye

Vienna – mechentel news – The authors Eördögh et al. from the Department „Universitätsklinik für Kleintiere und Pferde“ in Vienna, Austria, present a study using impression cytology: Impression cytology is noninvasive investigation of the ocular surface. It uses the adhesive features of different filter papers to collect a monolayer of epithelial cells from the cornea and/or conjunctiva. Samples obtained by impression cytology exhibit all characteristics of an ideal cytology specimen. The aim of this study was to test the feasibility of impression cytology and determine the most appropriate filter paper to achieve maximum diagnostic value of the feline eye.Ten healthy cats were studied. The study was conducted in two phases. In the first phase, eight different filter papers (FPs) with various pore sizes were tested: 3.0-, 1.2-, 0.8-, 0.45-, 0.22-, 0.05- and 0.025-μm cellulose acetate papers and a 0.4-μm Biopore membrane (BM). Samples were obtained from the superior bulbar and from the inferior palpebral conjunctiva. In the second phase, three different sampling methods – with and without topical anesthesia, and with topical anesthesia and drying of the conjunctiva – were compared employing the BM encased in the intended BM device (BMD). Samples were evaluated for cellularity and quality of cells. In the first phase, samples obtained from the superior bulbar conjunctiva with the BM had the most sufficient cellularity and quality. In the second phase, BMD with topical anesthesia and additional drying of the conjunctiva was the most ideal method. The authors conclude in the Journal of Vetinary Ophthalmology in the December issue of 2014 that the BMD may prove to be a suitable diagnostic tool for clinicians. Sampling is quick, processing is simple, and a large area of intact cells can be harvested.(bst)

Autoren: Eördögh R, Schwendenwein I, Tichy A, Nell B. Korrespondenz: Department/Universitätsklinik für Kleintiere und Pferde, Veterinärplatz 1, 1210 Wien, Österreich. E-Mail: Studie: Impression cytology: a novel sampling technique for conjunctival cytology of the feline eye. Quelle: Vet Ophthalmol. 2014 Dec 29. [Epub ahead of print] doi: 10.1111/vop.12244. Web: