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Feline Epitheliotropic Mastocytic Conjunctivitis in 15 Cats.

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Berkeley – mechentel news – Mast cell infiltration occurs in malignant, inflammatory (eg, allergic, infectious), and idiopathic disease processes in humans and animals. Here, we describe the clinical and histological features of a unique proliferative conjunctivitis occurring in 15 cats. Ocular specimens were examined histologically, and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for feline herpesvirus 1 (FHV-1) was performed on ocular tissues obtained […]

Superficial Keratectomy and Conjunctival Advancement Hood Flap (SKCAHF) for the Management of BullousKeratopathy:  Validation in Dogs With Spontaneous Disease.

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Rocklin – mechentel news -To evaluate the efficacy of superficial keratectomy and conjunctival advancement hood flap (SKCAHF) for the treatment of bullouskeratopathy in canine patients., 9  dogs (12 eyes) diagnosed with progressive corneal edema underwent superficial keratectomy followed by placement ofconjunctival advancement hood flaps. The canine patients were examined pre- and postoperatively using in vivo confocal microscopy, ultrasonic pachymetry (USP), and Fourier-domain optical coherence tomography (FD-OCT). All owners responded to a survey […]

Selenium Protects Retinal Cells from Cisplatin-Induced Alterations in Carbohydrate Residues.

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Balıkesir – mechentel news – To Investigate alterations in the expression and localization of carbohydrate units in rat retinal cells exposed to cisplatin toxicity, we evaluated putative protective effects of selenium on retinal cells subjected to cisplatin. . Eighteen healthy Wistar rats were divided into three equal groups: 1. Control, 2. Cisplatin and 3. Cisplatin+selenium groups. After anesthesia, the right eye of each rat was enucleated. Histochemically, retinal cells of control […]

Ahmed glaucoma valve implantation with Ologen® Collagen Matrix for the surgical treatment of felineglaucoma.

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Seoul – mechentel news – An Ahmed valve implantation with an Ologen® Collagen Matrix (Ologen® CM, Aeon Astron, Leiden, the Netherlands) was performed for thetreatment of uncontrolled glaucoma in a cat. This cat was a 5-year-old castrated Russian Blue male with a 12-week history of conjunctival hyperemia and mydriasis of the left eye. During the ophthalmic examination, the intraocular pressure (IOP) oculus sinister (OS) was 52 mmHg, […]